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In a contemporary art world where popularity resides in a loud statement, Armen Agop prefers the solidarity of silence. Somewhat counter-cultural in thought and principle, his works exhibit his core values. Severe and idealistic, each piece displays a solid sphere of influence stemming from an unyielding vortex and continuing out to an optimistic point. There is more silence than expression, but then there is no need to express. It resides in a world of ascetic values and sincere initiatives where talking is excessive.
Agop himself prefers not to speak about his work, saying instead that he shares a part of his life with a piece and when it is finished, what comes out is a certain way of being. Now that being has its meeting with you.
Rebecca Bell about Armen Agop

1969  Born in Cairo, Egypt
1982 - 1987  Apprenticed in the studio of the painter Simon Shahrigian, Cairo, Egypt
1987  he creates his rack for compact discs
1987 - 1992  Graduated from the sculpture department in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt
1997 - 2000  Assistant Researcher Scholarship (teaching in the Faculty of Fine Arts), Cairo, Egypt
1998  Sculpture prize, Autumn Salon, Cairo, Egypt
2000 - 2001  Agop wins the "PRIX DE ROME" State Award for Artistic Creativity, Cairo, Rome
2001  Second Prize, Biennale Internazionale d’arte Contemporanea di Firenze, Italy
2006  the furniture editor Vange interests himself in the collection of objects Pol. CD rack, Tavolina, Low table, Portabitti are products that Vange puts in production and international diffusion
2006  Artist In Residence, Coral Spring Museum of Art, Florida, USA
2008  “The Sculpture Grant” given once a year to a prominent international sculptor by the Swedish organization KKV-B, is handed to Armen Agop.
2008  K.K.V. Bohuslan Stone Grant, Sweden
2010  Agop receives the International Umberto Mastroianni award.
2013  Armen Agop is awarded the Presidential Medal of the Italian Republic
2013  Agop lives and works in Pietrasanta, Italy
2015  Solo exhibition at LKFF, Design September , Brussels, Belgium

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